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FOTON® Vehicle Engine

FOTON® vehicle diesel engine offers high reliability, as the key machine parts have undergone rapid fatigue tests, and finite element analysis is adopted to calculate the structural strength and vibration response of those parts.

The advanced combustion system, novel and efficient supercharger, as well as the P-style fuel injector largely improves the emission performance and reduces fuel consumption. The vehicle engine conforms to Euro II emission standard.

The mean effective pressure, horsepower per liter, and other key parameters reach national and international advanced level. Hence, the machine is ideal to supply power for light duty trucks, coaches, pickup trucks, SUVs, and MPVs.

Technical Specifications
Model4JB1 BJ493Q4JB1 BJ493ZQ4JB1 BJ493ZLQ14JB1 BJ493ZLQ3
Max. torque / speed - N.m/rpm172/2200202/2300245/2100-2300225/2300
Rated power /speed - kW/rpm57/360068/360080/360070/3600
Net weight - kg229241241241
Cylinder number4444
Cylinder bore x stroke - mm93x10293x10293x10293x102
Displacement - L2.7712.7712.7712.771
Mean piston speed – m/s12.2412.2412.2412.24
Compression ratio18.2:118.2:118.2:117.4:1
Ignition order1-2-3-41-2-3-41-2-3-41-3-4-2
Min. oil consumption - g/kW.h≦230≦225≦220≦208
Idle speed - rpm750 +/- 40
Specific fuel consumption≦0.2%
Fuel typeGB252
Engine oil typeHigher than CF grade
Emission standardGB18352.2-Euro ⅡGB18352.3-Euro Ⅲ
ConfigurationDirect injection, water cooledCommon Rail
AspirationNaturalTurbochargedTurbo & Intercooled

Note: Turbo & Intercooled = Turbocharged and Intercooled           Common Rail = High Pressure Common Rail

Standard Configuration
  • 12V electric system

  • Cooling fan

  • Clutch pressure plate

  • Cold start aid device

  • Speed governor

  • Engine oil filter

  • Qualification certificate, handbook, and parts manual

  • Oil pressure and water temperature alarm and sensor (2 in 1) in accordance with VDO parameter curve

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