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LOVOL®Genset Engine

Designed on the basis of Perkins technologies, LOVOL® diesel engine provides an optimum power solution for not only diesel generator sets, but also water pumps, ships, tractors, and engineering machines.

High reliability
1. Key parts of international famous brands ensure high reliability.
2. The compact design and simple structure provide the machine with small dimension and light weight. So, the machine delivers low vibration and operational noise, and feature great durability.
3. We can offer LOVOL® genset engine with either mechanical or GAC electronic speed control units. The mechanical unit offers speed governing rate no more than 5%, and the electronic one delivers speed governing rate no more than 1% thanks to higher stability in speed governing and lower fluctuation in rotation speed.

Higher economical efficiency
Due to optimized combustion system and oil supply system, the accuracy of single-cylinder oil supply amount is guaranteed. Thus, the combustion efficiency is improved. 

Easy maintenance
The key maintenance parts are positioned at the same side, and they enjoy great universality, which ensures easy daily maintenance and components exchange.

Technical Specifications
LOVOL® 1000 Series
40 - 121kW @1500rpm
44 - 134kW @1800rpm

Technical Specifications
Item No.1004G1004TG1006TG1A1006TG2A1006TAG
Speed - rpm1500/1800
Cylinder number44666
Rated power - kW40/4465.7/75.684.3/97.692.3/108.4121/134
Max. power - kW44/4872.3/83.292.7/107.3102/119.2134/147
Fuel consumption - g/kW.h≤210≤205≤205≤205≤205
Net weight - kg540550710710710
Dimension - mm1253x706x9461484x740x11071600x800x1064
Cylinder Bore x Stroke - mm100x127100x127100x127100x127100x127
Displacement - L3.993.995.995.995.99
Max. ambient temperature  50 ℃
Speed governing system typeMechanicalElectronic - GAC
Speed governing rate≤5%≤5%≤5%≤5%≤1%
Configurationin-line, direct injection, water cooled
Rotation of crankshaftCounter-clockwise - viewed from flywheel side
AspirationNaturalTurbochargedTurbo & A-A intercooled

Note: Turbo & A-A intercooled = Turbocharged & air to air intercooled

LOVOL® 1100 Series
130 - 158.4kW @1500rpm
143 - 174kW @1800rpm

Item No.1106C -P6TAG21106C -P6TAG31106C -P6TAG4
Speed - rpm1500/18001500/18001500/1800
Cylinder number666
Rated power - kW130/143141/155.1158.4/174
Max. power - kW143/157.3155.1/170.6174/191.7
Net weight - kg780800800
Dimension - mm1667x800x10971803x911x12341803x911x1234
Cylinder bore x Stroke - mm100x127
Displacement - L5.985.985.98
Max. ambient temperature55 ℃
Speed governing system typeElectronic - GACElectronic - GACElectronic - GAC
Speed governing rate≤1%≤1%≤1%
Configurationin-line, direct injection, water cooling
Rotation of crankshaftCounter-clockwise - viewed from flywheel side
AspirationTurbocharged & air to air intercooled

Standard Configuration
  • 12V electric system (24V optional)

  • Cooling fan

  • SAE 3 flywheel housing

  • Cold start aid device

  • 10" & 11.5" flywheel

  • Front support for the engine

  • Fuel filter, air filter and oil filter

  • 12V start motor (24V optional), alternator, and solenoid valve

  • Qualification certificate, handbook and service manual

  • Radiator - fan guard and front guard included

  • Oil pressure and water temperature alarm switch & sensor unit (2 in 1) according to VDO parameter curve

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