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FOTON®Genset Engine

FOTON® 4JB1 diesel engine combining ISUZU® technology offers an ideal power solution for diesel generator sets.  It features high reliability and compact structure design, and is competitively priced.

1. The crankshaft forged by alloy steel offers lifespan three times longer than that of common cast iron ones.
2. The cooling water tank supports working in max. ambient temperature of 50℃. This makes sure the product has good environmental adaptability and can work well in tropical and subtropical areas with high temperatures and low humidity.
3. The supercharger adopts the cooling and lubricating functions integrated design, which ensures the overall performance reliability.
4. The overhaul life is more than 10,000 hours.

High economical efficiency
1. With 93mm cylinder diameter, low displacement, and high compression ratio, FOTON® genset engine offers the minimum specific fuel consumption of 210g/kW.h.
2. The integral casting technology for oil pump cavity allows the pump to attain higher pressure, thus delivering better fuel oil atomization effect.

1. The weight difference among the 4 piston rods is no more than 8g, which ensures smoother machine running and lower noise.
2. The crankshaft and flywheel undergo dynamic balance tests to make sure the unbalanced force is lower than 30g.m. This ensures more stable running, and the operation noise is not higher than 92dB(A) within one meter.
3. The gap between the piston and the cylinder liner is controlled within 0.027 to 0.045mm, so as to reduce the impact to the cylinder liner while the piston is reversing. This maximally reduces mechanical noise during operation.
4. The oil sump for FOTON® genset engine is constructed using sound absorption material sandwiched between two steel plates. Thus, the mechanical noise inside the cylinder is largely reduced.
5. The die-casting aluminum material for the timing gear case cover and valve cover further reduces mechanical noise.

GAC Governor
1. The GAC speed control unit offers outstanding reliability due to its innovative digital system.
2. The superior steady and transient state speed governing rate enables the machine to serve high-end telecommunication projects.
3. The speed governor is easy for operation, due to its integrated actuator, as well as built-in control system and wire harness.
4. Switchable speeds make the engine suitable for various applications.
5. Enjoying matured international service network, the GAC governor is convenient for maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Speed - rpm15001800
Rated power - kW242836283443
Maximum power - kW273240323848
Fuel consumption - g/kW.h≤230≤225≤225≤230≤225≤225
Net weight - kg225241241225241241
Dimension - mm855x667x795855x590x799885x590x799855x667x795855x590x799885x590x799
Cylinder Bore x Stroke - mm93x102
Displacement - L2.771
Max. ambient temperature50℃
Speed governing rate - GAC
Flywheel housingSAE 4SAE 4SAE 3SAE 4SAE 4SAE 3
Configurationin-line 4 cylinder, direct injection, water cooled
Rotation of crankshaftCounter-clockwise - viewed from flywheel side
Standard Configuration
  • 12V electric system

  • Cooling fan

  • Fuel filter, air filter, and oil filter

  • Cold start aid device

  • Qualification certificate, handbook and parts manual

  • Radiator - fan guard and front guard included

  • Oil pressure and water temperature alarm and sensor unit (2 in 1) in accordance with VDO parameter curve

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