Nowadays, quality is one of the biggest concerns of customers worldwide. We have established a scientific operation system for the purpose of standardize daily business processes. We at Forward Engine value the trust of our business partners, and this is the reason why we are continuously growing. We try our best to understand customer needs exactly, and make sure that each of our projects and deliveries are performed correctly and efficiently, and all business operations will be conducted according to our standard operation procedures. We commit that all products will be delivered strictly in good quality that we have guaranteed, so as to maximally meet or exceed customers' expectations.

Backed up by FOTON's modern production base, we have advanced production, assembly, and testing equipment, as well as systemic production management system. Most importantly, we have well-trained professional employees with engineering background.

We have invested the world class production lines for cylinder covers, cylinder blocks, and crankshafts, as well as diesel engine assembly lines. Most of the facilities are imported from Europe and United States of America. Also, International Level Production Management System has been applied for the whole production process, check-points are set up for all important procedures, and each finish product undergoes a series of test before delivery.

Production Line – Cylinder Block/ Cylinder Head

4JB1 cylinder block production line is mainly made up of 62 sets of special combined machine tools. The entire production line offers annual production capacity of 20,000 units.

Production Line – Crankshaft

Our crankshaft production line is composed of 36 sets of specialized machines, including 6 sets of multi-wheel grinding machine for crankshaft neck imported from Germany, as well as the dynamic balance machine and crankshaft neck polishing machine imported from USA. The production line is used to produce crankshafts compatible with our 4JB1 series diesel engines. Its annual production capacity is 20,000 crankshafts.

Assembly Line

This assembly line is designed based on world class technologies and equipment, which enables it to assemble different types of diesel engines.

Advanced Laboratory Facilities